Human Resources Consulting

You have questions – We have answers
      • Are our employment practices compliant with all federal and state employment laws and regulations?
  • Is your state an “At Will” employment state? How does that impact our ability to terminate employees?
  • Do we need an employee handbook? Does our current handbook protect us from liability?
  • Is our pay competitive in the marketplace? Are we tracking work hours and calculating overtime correctly
  • What is the difference between an “exempt” and “non-exempt” employee?
  • How long do we have to retain personnel, payroll and I-9 records for terminated employees?
  • Does the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) apply to our company?
  • Do our interviewing and hiring practices keep us free from potential discrimination claims?

Our Human Resources professional team provide convenient and affordable consultation on key human resource issues that companies face each day. We provide experienced guidance and support with a sense of urgency to help mitigate your risk and enable you to stay focused on running your business. Our team of HR professionals aims to surpass your service expectations without exceeding your budget

Comprehensive HR Services

Our Human Resource Consulting team will partner with your organization to develop and implement strategies, processes and systems for improved day-to-day management of your organization’s human resources. We can help convert assessments and recommendations into actionable items and measurable improvements for your organization and employees. You can outsource all or part of your HR needs through our wide range of services:

Human Resources Diagnostic Reviews – Our HR Consultants can provide comprehensive analysis of the HR function with emphasis on compliance, best practices and/or HR Systems.

Job Analysis & Position Description Development – Our HR Consultants will develop your job descriptions on an individual basis or for the entire organization.

Regulatory Compliance Policies & Procedures – Our HR Consultants are able to develop or revise individual policies and associated procedures to address regulatory requirements as well as internal objectives.

Professional Recruiting & Supplemental Staffing – Our direct-hire recruiting services are available on a retained or contingent basis. Our experienced recruiters work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and are committed to presenting the most qualified candidates. We also provide supplemental labor solutions.

Compensation & Benefits Analysis – An effective compensation and benefits program attracts, motivates and retains qualified staff. A market study and analysis of compensation and benefits for one or more positions selected will help you define compensation as it compares externally to similar businesses in your area, as well as internally to other positions of comparable job responsibilities within your organization

Unlawful Discrimination Investigations – An impartial third-party investigation provides an effective way of responding to discrimination or harassment allegations. Our HR Consultants will conduct a prompt investigation and are able to provide a written report and recommendations based on objective criteria.

Employee Handbook & Employee Communication – Our HR Consultants will assist you with defining the policies and procedures customized to your business and circumstances.

Performance Management & Evaluation Programs – A successful performance evaluation system promotes a positive company culture while providing the documentation necessary to support performance management decisions. Our HR Consultants will help you develop, implement and maintain your performance management program.

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